Rules and terms


Article 1. basic informations

Website is a property of company TražimSmještaj. During the usage of this website the rules and terms of usage stated here are applied, like all the valid and applied laws. TražimSmještaj reserves the right to change the rules and terms of usage at any time and without previous announcement. Changes take the effect at the time of the announcement

Article 2. Submitted informations

Using the website and you must provide the truthfulness and accuracy of the information given. The given information will not be available to the guests. The guests will be able to contact you only through the online forms. Your password is crypted and is not available in any way to our administrators or much less to someone else

Article 3. Protection of rights and copyright

Advertisers agree that on his e-mail address various notifications are received related to advertisements and advertising. (Bookings, questions and impressions of the customers), and administrative information related to the account and the extension before the expiration of the same.  We are committing ourselves to preserve the privacy of all of our users. Information is strictly guarded and is submitted only to our staff. and staff is responsible for compliance with regulations and privacy policy. The information on the websites and is protected by copyright. Use of the information for other purposes and copying without permission you are acting contrary to law. and is exempted from liability and/or any dispute in connection with violation and copyright of the advertisers.

Article 4. Warranty and Responsibilities do not guarantee:

  • correctness and accuracy of advertisers personal information
  • that the website will be operational in every possible moment
  • accuracy and credibility of advertisements
  • that there will be no errors on the website
  • that the third party will be legally using all the time the website and and is to the maximum responsibility, permitted by law exempting from any damage that may arise directly or indirectly as a cause of:

  • information on the website and
  • using the site and
  • using the websites that link to the site and

Article . 5 Payment so far offers to the customer ability to pay online via PayPal payment system. By this payment system any service on the portal can be paid.
Note: all the users have the possibility of probationary period of one year or until the credit is used which has been by registering automatically put on the account.
These terms and content are subject to copyright.

Article . 6 Privacy protection and use of personal information

Your privacy is important to us and we will never misuse any of the information that you voluntarily provide on the site. The owner of this site is committed to respecting anonymity and privacy on this site to the extent that the nature of our business allows.

Users of the services provided by the site agree that the owner of the site may collect the following personal information:
1. Name and surname
4. E-mail address
3. Telephone number

The aforementioned personal data is vital so that advertisers and users can use the services of the site. The aforementioned information will be used solely to connect the user with the service provider (advertiser) and will not be used for any other purposes.

In addition to the aforementioned information, the user can provide information in other ways while filling in forms, searching, doing updates, answering surveys, taking part in promotions or using special offers on the site. This collected information remains anonymous and the owner of the site is obliged to use this information solely for this purpose and will not forward it to a third party.

Comments made by the user (ratings, reviews) regarding services provided by the advertiser will be published on the site, which does not require the advertiser's prior consent. The owner of the site does not control nor assume responsibility for information provided by the user, which could include information regarding the advertiser. Any request for information regarding personal information must be requested by the advertiser to the user. In the case of a complaint made by the advertiser regarding falsehoods and the request that a comment be deleted by a user, the owner of the site can request additional information from the advertiser and the user which will be used solely so as to ascertain the validity of a request for the deletion of a comment made by the user.

Personal data that is provided through use of the site, i.e. interactive forms for the collection of information that is on this site (privacy survey, etc.), will be used in strict adherence to the Data Protection Policy (GDPR EU 2016/679 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL from 27th April, 2016.).

You may at any time request further information from the owner regarding the way your personal data is stored, used and distributed. The deadline for delivery is 15 days from the date of submission of the application. You can submit your request in writing or by e-mail.

You can at any time request changes to or the deletion of your personal information as well as other data.

Your collected personal data will not be used for any purposes other than the ones that have already been mentioned. They will not be misused, will not be secretly processed, will not be sold to a third party and their distribution to other unauthorised persons can be done solely with the written permission of the advertiser and the user.

Your personal data is recorded electronically and is stored on the premises of the owner of the site. Only the owner of the site, the administrator of the site and the accountant of the site have access to this collected data.

The time limit for keeping your business documentation along with your personal data is 11 years. Upon expiration of this time limit, your personal data will be destroyed

Other forms of communication or materials that you send us, such as praise, comments, suggestions, etc. will not be treated as confidential and can be used freely.

Right of discontinuance:
The owner of the site reserves the right, without a fee for a paid advertisement, to exclude a user who in any way violates the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website, who in any way interferes with the site's performance or in any way violates the advertiser's and user's rights, and this applies in particular to the user who misuses the published information or in any way misappropriates the content of the site, in particular:
• copying the content published on and publishing it in other advertising media,
• lobbying the advertiser for advertising on similar sites or in other advertising media by contacting them in any way and offering them their services.

In cases such as this, the owner of the site, in addition to excluding the user, may claim compensation for incurred damages or profit loss.

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