Starigrad (Senj)

Starigrad is located by the sea, 26 km away from Senj, 3 km along a side-road. Here you can find the remains of Roman archaeological findings, as well as St. Jacob`s Church from 1772, which is located in the port. The resort is quiet and favourable for all sea activities. Izvor HTZ Read more


Zaton is a small suburb of Dubrovnik situated in picturesque cove, 8 kilometers North West of Dubrovnik. It is located on the Adriatic Highway, so it has good connections with the Dubrovnik and other places around. It got its name because it lies in beautiful cove and Croatian word for cove is “zaton”. Today it has population of around 850 inhabitants, who are mostly working in tourism, which is developed because of good position only 2 kilometers far away from sea coast. Accommodation in Zaton is available in private apartments, rooms, hotels, motels, villas and auto camps. There are many pebble and concrete beaches which are very well maintained. From the aspect of gastronomy,... Read more


Kanica is a small tourist town situated in the eponymous cove not far from Rogoznica. The place is ideal for a quiet vacation because the first groceries store is 3km away ( In Dvornice), but an everyday bread and fruit delivery by van is organized during the season. Kanica and its surroundings have numerous activities to offer to its guests who are in search of a more active vacation: diving, surfing, fishing, water skiing, volleyball, handball, soccer, tennis and table tennis. The beaches are rocky with paved bathing places in front of the houses, as well as the berths for boats. The sea is especially clean, given the fact that the most prominent coastal point with strong curr... Read more

Island Drvenik

Island Drvenik is famous for its untouched nature and beauty of the sea. Island Drvenik is situated 15 miles from Split and 7 miles from city Trogir. The island is best known, probably for its beautiful beach Krknjasi. This most beautiful lagoon on Drvenik is situated on the south-east coast of the island. The bay is surrounded and protected with two islands, Large and Small Krknjasi. Krknjasi bay is popular because of its beautiful beaches and shallow sandy seabed. Along the coast you will finde small coves with sandy shoals. If you are looking for a private beach that is suitable for families with small children, You are on the right place. You can also find realy good Dalmati... Read more


Brštanovo is a village in the municipality of Klis in Split-Dalmatia County. It was founded around the 1720th year, when Rama Franciscans brought new residents to the area. It is situated on the southern slopes Moseć. Izvor HTZ Read more

Kaštel Lukšić

Kaštel Lukšić is the central and largest of the Kaštels and is situated on the boundary of the former Trogir and Split properties. It got its name from the Lukšić property. In the past it was known as Kaštel Vitturi after the Trogir noble family who built it at the end of the 15th century. In 1487, Trogir's count, Carlo Pesaro, issued permission to Nikola and Jerolim Vetturi to build a facility with towers, trenches and all the other necessary facilities, in Velo polje, either beside the sea or in the sea itself. They built a castle – fortress that consists of a two-floor building to the south and a two three-floor tower to the north with a courtyard between them. Izvor HTZ Read more


Bilice is a small village without a mass tourism placed near the National Park KRKA in Croatia. Embedded between the city of Šibenik and Krka waterfalls, Bilice are the perfect place for family holiday. It is located at Prukljan Lake but it is not a real lake. Actually Prukljan is a connection between open sea and Krka River, and depending on the season, the water is more or less salty. The depth of the water is max. 2.5 meter.The water temperature allows swimming from May till October. In the high season the temperature goes up to 27° C. On Prukljan there are no high waves, so it’s perfect for small children. The beach consists of pebbles made by nature. On the hill behind Bili... Read more

Novigrad (Zadar)

Novigrad is a historic scenic Dalmatian town situated on the southern coast of the Novigrad Sea, in a long and narrow bay at the foot of the Velebit mountains. Built in the shape of trapezoid, bounded by walls whose traces have only been preserved, it emerged on the ruins of a fort on the hilltop which descends to the sea. The river Zrmanja flows into the Novigrad sea, making it rich with fish and shellfish. Thanks to a fortunate combination of natural and cultural beauty, the small coves in the shadow of pine trees and beaches where you can swim, Novigrad is a real paradise for every guest. On the river Zrmanja you can enjoy rafting, canoeing and kayak rides, while from Novigra... Read more


Trsce is centarl nad the best kept place of Cabar city souranding. It is situated at the altitude of 825 meters and has many opportunities for the development of mountain tourism, especially sport, recreation, hunting, health, educational and religious. There are at healthy climate and unspoilt deciduous and coniferous forests. There are sports fields for group sports and running, sports hall, tennis courts, bike paths, ski runs for alpine and Nordic skiing. There are natural environments for archery, hunting, recreational riding, hiking, biking and walking. There are ideal conditions for the preparation of the height of top athletes.. If you refer to a nearby vantage points Sok... Read more


The seat of the community Barilović, was in the past the centre of military, economic and cultural activities, so that a solid fort was erected there already in the middle Ages - the town of Barilovic. Today, only the ruins have remained, and conservationists are trying to save them from a further decay. In this region in the times of Turkish attacks on Croatia, except the fort in Barilović strong military forts in Belaj and Skrad dominated, around which a lot of hero blood was shed. Apart from the seat of the community of Barilovic, there are a few larger village centres: Belajske Poljice, Belaj, Podvožia, Velemeria, Bar, Leskovac, Carevo Selo, Šaulac, Bar. Cerovac, Siea, Lueic... Read more

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