Mount Bjelasnica is in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated South-West, only 25 km from Sarajevo. Beside is Mount Igman on which most of the Alpine and Nordic disciplines and jumps of the XIV Olympic Games were held. Winter, from November to May, forms snow drifts of a couple of meters in height which are a particular challenge for winter sports lovers. This season is particularly interesting because of the landscape of the mountain under snow, which is somewhat like a white desert covered with rays of sunshine, above which there is nothing but the areal landscape. The beauty of the mountain is augmented by the temper of its climate. It is the result of the geogr... Read more


Bovec is a true alpine center with a long tradition from the time when the Trenta divji hunters led by wealthy residents of the surrounding mountains. Bovec is one great natural attractions. Much of the comune is part of the Triglav National Park. On Bovška source of the River Soca, the most beautiful in Europe. In Bovška hills, domuju Kozlova gold ROGIMA, and many lakes; Kanin find Brezno that with a depth of over 1,000 m one of najgljobljih in the world. 106 m high waterfall Boka is even one of the many that experiecing in deep Alpine valleys. Read more


Bitnje is a village in the municipality of Bohinj, Slovenia. It is located in the province and Gorenjska statistical region Gorenjska. Bitnje is near Bohinj Bistrica near the Kobla ski resort and water park Bohinj. Read more

Veliki Vareški

Great Vareški is a village in the Republic of Croatia, in the municipality Marèana in Istria. Izvor HTZ Read more


Pokrovnik is a village within the town, namely, in Dalmatia, Sibenik-Knin, Croatia. Izvor HTZ Read more


Bribir is a place that lies in the interior of the Vinodol valley, 6 km from the sea and the well-known tourist center Novi Vinodolski. This historic town is a popular destination with lovers of antiques and art historians. A 13th century rectangular tower, massive fortification walls, Baroque edifices and Renaissance churches are what is left of the Count Fortress. Besides its rich cultural heritage, there are also excellent hunting grounds in the vicinity, as well as several restaurants offering traditional dishes. Bribir is also popular with hikers and trekkers, who often visit this area with marked trails Bribir - Lukovo - Ravno - Zagradski vrh. Therefore, we recommend it t... Read more


Dramalj is a popular tourist town with a promenade connecting it to Crikvenica. It spreads from Crni molo (part of Crikvenica) to the tourist resort Kačjak. The town has approximately 1400 inhabitants who are mostly employed in the tourism and catering industry. The town started developing at the end of the 19th century, following the development of neighbouring Crikvenica. Today, Dramalj is a tourist town with many private villas, new buildings and apartments, resorts and hotels. Rich Mediterranean vegetation allows the freedom of enjoying nature. Dramalj offers an abundance of sport and recreation facilities at the beaches and the Kačjak peninsula, where the Resort and Auto c... Read more


Jadranovo - The popular tourist destination of Jadranovo is located on the Crikvenica Riviera, only 9 km from the town of Crikvenica and 25 km from Rijeka. Despite having preserved the atmosphere of a Mediterranean fishing village, Jadranovo has all the necessary modern tourist infrastructure. The picturesque bay of Lokvišće with its healing mud, fresh water sources, and the church of Sv. Jakov [St. Jacob] are as equally as amazing as the natural and ethnographic and cultural values. Beautiful pebbly beaches and coves, good catering facilities and accommodation in private houses are at your disposal. Izvor HTZ Read more


Durdevac a place in the heart of the Drava. It is known for the legend of the roosters. Durdevac is widely known legend of the roosters. Legend has it that he had outwitted the defenders because the advice of an old woman fired a gun in the Turkish camp last leftover food, one cockerel - Rooster. Ulama-beg fell, believed that Đurđevac have food in abundance when you throw it, and he left Đurđevac. Đurđevac, however, remained a nickname cockerels and every year they stage stage and revives the legend. Izvor HTZ Read more


Drvenik is a littoral tourist village of the Makarska riviera , about 30 km distant from Makarska . Situated between the steep cliffs of the mountain Biokovo and the coast with beautiful beaches . The village is divided in two parts, situated in two valleys denominated Donja Vala and Gornja Vala. Nowadays Drvenik is a well-known tourist village oriented entirely toward development of tourist industry. Drvenik has about 480 inhabitants and it has available ca. 1600 beds in domestic industry, holiday flats and villas,apartments ,hotels and pensions . Drvenik is an important traffic center while there is a car ferry landing of the ferry connecting the island of Hvar with the coast... Read more

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