Serbia / Zlatibor

Zlatibor is placed in the heart of Serbia, in its very central part. There are 230 km from this mountain to Belgrade, and 300 km to Novi Sad, exactly as much as to the Adriatic sea. The main-road which links Belgrade with the seaside crosses Zlatibor, direct bus lines are reestablished with Novi Sad, Belgrade, Nis, Jagodina... The main railway Belgrade-Bar is going through Zlatibor and partly through its massif. In time past, helicopters were landing on Zlatibor, and very soon a small private planes will do that too. Zlatibor is, first of all, an extraordinary beautiful mountain, with a pleasant climate, with spacious sloping grounds, rich pasture-grounds and mountain brooks. There are about 1000 square km of meadows and risings, sloping grounds and dry grounds, abysses and chasms... The central Zlatibor plateau is about 1000 m high in average, and there are a few easily visible tops in the surrounding as: Gradina(1146 masl), Crni vrh (1175 masl), Viogor (1281 masl), Cigota (1422 masl), Brijac (1480 masl) and Tornik (1496 masl). The micro climate is very special here - there is a great number of sunny days during the year (more then 200), and the "rose of the winds" is flowering exactly above Zlatibor. The summers are hot and the winters are mild. It rains relatively often and there is a snow from October to May. Zlatibor is declared as a therapeutic region, for all acute and chronic diseases of respiration organs, of thyroid gland, of all kinds of anemia , etc. The stay on Zlatibor is recommended for convalescence after infectious diseases and surgical operations too.