Island Prvic

Prvić is one of two settlements on a small picturesque island in archipelago of Šibenik. The whole island has a size of 2,41 kilometers, and it is the smallest island on Adriatic with even two villages on. The island is connected with the mainland by frequent boat lines, making possible to reach Šibenik in 40 minutes or Vodice in 20 minutes from Prvić Luka. Thus, Luka is favorite vacation and holiday destination for foreign tourists and inland as well, desiring peaceful Dalmatian island atmosphere within reach of the continent. Beside few tractors, there is no other motor vehicles on the island. The only sound of modern achievements getting to ones ears is the sound of small fam... Read more

Zečevo Rogozničko

Zecevo Rogoznicko is a place with a very small population in the state/region of Sibensko-Kninska, Croatia which is located in the continent/region of Europe. Cities, towns and places near Zecevo Rogoznicko include Velika Zecevo, Zecevo, Smrdelovci and Saricevi. Read more


Solaris is an attractive tourist holiday resort located in the center of the Adriatic coast, not far away from the historic city of Šibenik. Solaris is spreaded over 800,000 m2, with a beautiful location by the sea. To be more precise it is a peninsula with lush and diverse Mediterranean vegetation, with a 4.5 km long beach protected by numerous islands in front of her. The settlement - which includes hotels, villas with apartments and a marina for boats and yachts - is very attractive for holidays, relaxation and fun. Magnificent tourist offer and fair prices make this place a unique tourist destination. Enjoy Solaris and nearby events, wellness and spa offer, entertainment pro... Read more


Raslina is a settlement on the west coast of Prukljansko Lake. The settlement was mentioned for the first time in 1298 during the foundation of the Šibenik diocese. In the Second World War it was burned down completely. Raslina is today a tourist destination known for fish specialities and good wines. The church of St. Michael was erected in 1457, while the castle of Raslina, with strong solid walls and defensive towers, was built at the beginning of the 16th century for the protection against the Turks. No remnants of this fort exist. Private accommodation (apartments and rooms) is available. Read more

island Žut

Žut is one of the islands of the Kornati archipelago. It is located between the island of Pašman on the one side, which is connected to the mainland by a boat heading to Ugljan, and the island of Kornat on the other. With the surface of almost 15 km2, this oblong island is only 2 km wide and its highest peak is 172 m high. The inlets of Hiljača, Sarušćica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Žešnja, Podražanj, Strunac and others line up along its steep and very indented coastline, providing Robinsonian atmosphere and possible shelter for small fisherman boats and small sailboats. There are no permanent settlements on this island covered with olives, figs and vine, but over the year various f... Read more

Zagreb County

Zagrebačka County, also popularly known as “Zagreb ring”, has a population of about 310,000 and covers an area of nearly 3,000 km2 between the border with Slovenia in the west, Moslavina in the east, and between Zagreb in the north and the Kupa river in the south. The County comprises 9towns and 25municipalities. Its traffic position together with economic potential and human resources has brought Zagrebačka County among the most propulsive and fastest growing counties in Croatia in the last five years. The county encircles Zagreb, a university, financial, political and cultural centre of Croatia, like a ring, and with daily migrations of more than 300,000 people it makes a uniq... Read more


Lučko is a neighborhood in Novi Zagreb - west district of Zagreb, Croatia, located south of the Sava and southwest of the city center, near the Lučko interchange that connects the Zagreb - Karlovac motorway, the Zagreb bypass and the old road to Karlovac. Read more

Zadar County

Zadar County is located between the Lika-Senj and the county, the area that encompasses northern Dalmatia coast and hinterland Straight Kotara and Bukovica, while the continental part of Velebit and Lika separated which gives it a special significance, since it represents the link the northern and southern portion (a tunnel facilitated). County covers a land area of ​​3643.33 km2 and includes a marine territory equal areas and the mainland, which makes this county one of the largest. In the county live 162,045 inhabitants, most of which live in the county seat, Zadar. Administratively divided into 6 cities and 28 municipalities, while the largest cities of Zadar, Sibenik and Ben... Read more


If you are look for a place to spend a perfect family vacation, Seline is just such a place for you. It is a tame small settlement on a fertile plane below the mighty mountain Velebit. It is 3 kilometers distanced from Starigrad, Paklenica, one of the Croatian National parks, just by the Little Paklenica canyon. Seline is adorn by a beautiful long beach and by a conjunction of Mediterranean and the breath of fresh mountain climate descending from Velebit. Just 455 people live in this small village and they are traditionally occupied by the agriculture and fishing. By the expansion of tourism in this area due to the rising interest of inquisitive visiting Paklenica and Velebit at... Read more


Preko is situated in the central part of the island of Ugljan only half an hour by ferry from Zadar. Preko Croatia - Preko Ugljan - Preko hotels - Preko apartments - Preko boarding houses - Preko accomodation - Preko Zadar. Preko apartments - click on link : Preko apartments Preko is the road and administration center of the island of Ugljan, situated, as the name states, opposite Zadar. Its old center consists of typical Dalmatian architecture and numerous patrician family summer houses. The best way to feel the Mediterranean atmosphereis by walking along the quay or sipping a favorite drink on one of the terraces with a view of the Zadar Channel. Preko is the closest starting ... Read more

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